Saturday, February 17, 2018

Silas Turns 3!

We celebrated Silas today with a Birthday Party at My Gym! 

Our amazing friend, Krista, made Silas' cake! Yes that's Silas in a ball pit on top of the cake! 

Nathan tackling the rock wall. 

Aaron enjoying the tunnels

Liam and Elle practicing their balance

Clarissa on the rock wall

Silas crossing a bridge

Grace enjoying the ball pit

Allyson on the balance beam

Getting instructions from our party host

Bubble Storm!

Toes in!

Grandpa, Gloria, Aunt Nancy and Grandma practicing the sport of spectating.

Pizza Break!

Nathan on the swings

Ball Pit Fun

The Dolphin Swing was one of his favorites!

Elle on the Tire Swing

Another pizza break!

Puppet Time

Clarissa Climbin'

This is my first piece Mom-promise!

Giulia enjoying her pizza.

Van in the ball pit.

Abby hanging around.

Tatum in the ball pit.

King Silas is ready for his birthday parade!

Group Photo-I think this was take number 32. Ha!

Pointing to the Birthday Boy!

Silas got to sit on the trapeze while everyone sang Happy Birthday!


Lining up for one last go around on the zip line

We opened presents with family when we got home from the party.

What a fun day! Silas loved ALL his presents but I stopped snapping photos after he opened 2 gifts! Ha!

Silas Plays Soccer

Silas was so excited to finally have his turn to play soccer like Big Brother! We signed him up for a Parent and Me soccer class with Kidz Love Soccer and he had a blast!

2 thumbs up with no time to look at the camera! 

Checking out the competition.

Running to the colored flags.

Practicing his soccer stance.

Look at me Mom!

Going for a goal!

Team Cheer!