Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Adoption Orientation

Tonight we attended (via phone conference) an adoption orientation hosted by Bethany Christian Services.   Although we are still waiting on a few infertility test results we decided to start the initial paperwork since it can take so long!  Although we haven't given up all hope of having a biological child, we both are feeling like it may not be the road God is leading us down.

As we listened to the adoption specialist go over the information in the PowerPoint it felt a little like deja vu.  Deja Vu can be both good and bad.  The good thing is we've been down this road before.  We know, for the most part, what to expect.  The bad thing is we've been down this road before....and I'm a little scared that road may not look the exact same as it did before!

As we went through the powerpoint several things stuck out to me:

We first went over some statistics: There are an estimated 3 million unplanned pregnancies yearly and 1.2 million abortions performed.   So sad!  1 in 8 couples experience infertility.  Although it is somewhat comforting to know Ben and I are not alone I am also heartbroken every time I meet another family who has struggled like we have!  In today's culture adoption is still looked down upon.  Many people think it is shameful that someone would "give away" their baby.  I look at Nathan's Birth Mom as the Hero in our situation.  She chose life for him!  A life that she very well could not have provided for him.

Our agency, much like the one we used while living in Arizona, is a faith based and child centered organization.  They do what they do because they feel called to find every child who needs one a loving home.  Although this agency is much larger than CFCA in Arizona I feel very comfortable working with them already.

The orientation talked a lot about open adoption and what it looks like.  When we first learned about open adoption with our last agency it was overwhelming and scary.  We didn't really know what it was. In today's society people outside of adoption still struggle with what open adoption really is and means.  All I can say is that our hearts longed and still long for an open relationship with Nathan's Birth Mother.  For now that door remains closed and we have respected that.  But everyday as Nathan grows older and we remind him of his story and how he came to be a part of our family I wish I had more to tell him.  I don't know a lot about his birth family other than that his Mom was young and was already raising one child on her own.  Eventually he will ask questions that I may not have the answers to. And I find myself praying when that time comes that God will give me the words to answer them in the best way possible.

We were a little surprised to hear from Bethany that they only allow 35 families to be on their waiting families list at one time.  If that waiting list is full we have to wait to enter their matchbook.  The more open we are to adopting a baby from a variety of racial backgrounds and "potential" risk factors the shorter our wait usually will be once in the matchbook.

The next step we will take is meeting with an adoption specialist in person to go over the paperwork we will need to fill out in order to start our home study.

We covet your prayers as we begin, yet again, another adoption journey!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Outdoor Fun

Ivy's Grandpa bought the kids bubble blowers.  Nathan loved his shark bubble blower!

Trying out Ivy's pedal car

Taking a quick wagon ride


These two have grown up so much since our trip to the zoo together last June!

Driving the Tractor!

Milking the Cow

Checking out the goats

Nathan was not a fan of the "horses"

We got to see this orangutan up close!

We headed over to the Splash Pad next.  Nathan wasn't sure he wanted to get wet when we first got there.  

Getting closer...

He decided the water wasn't all that bad after awhile.  

He learned how to turn it on from the other kids.

He tried to convince Ivy to get wet too.

He showed her how to turn the water on but that's about as close to the water as she got. 

It was a beautiful day at the zoo!  Thanks Crystal and Ivy for taking us with you!  

Breakfast with Bedheads

Crystal made yummy mango smoothies for breakfast served alongside some cheerios.  


Bath Time

Bath time fun!

Checking out Ivy's bath toys

Every week Ivy's dedicated Mommy washes and deep conditions Ivy's hair.  It is quite the process and after witnessing it I'm thankful Nathan's hair is pretty low maintenance!  

Silly Goose!

Ivy thought Nathan's hair needed some brushing.

Princess Bowling

I set up the pins carefully.

I gave each child their bowling ball.

We posed for a picture:

Then they tossed their bowling balls aside and kicked the pins down with their feet.  

I don't think these two are ready for a bowling league quite yet!

Girls Vs Boys

New Toys!

For Spring Break we flew to Arizona to visit the Dean Family!  We sure do miss them!  Nathan had fun trying out all of Ivy's toys!  

Nathan was obsessed with Ivy's Dyson vacuum.  He kept pointing out spots on the floor calling them "bugs" and then would vacuum them up!

Dear Dyson:  Can you please make a kid version of your vacuum that actually works?  

He loved pushing Minnie around in the stroller!

Princess Bowling!

Nathan loved Ivy's BBQ.  He made sure I knew it was hot and to stay back.  "Danger, Mommy!"

Taking my order

He cooked up quite the meal!

A house with a little girl in it sure has a lot of different toys than one with a little boy in it!  

New Hat

He had to wear it backwards like Daddy!  Thanks Grandma George!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Recycling Truck

We headed out to Lowe's for another Build and Grow Workshop and were not disappointed!  This month the project was a recycling truck!

He didn't want to wear the goggles but kept them on his head the entire time!

He insisted on using the hammer by himself at first.  After he hit his own thumb he was happy to have Mommy help.  

Nathan put the nails in the holes and I hammered them in.  

All finished!

Lego Train Set

Grandma bought Nathan a new lego train set.  He is in heaven!

He was so proud when he figured out how to build the track by himself!