Saturday, August 6, 2016

Mommy & Me Swim Lessons

For the month of August Silas and I will be doing swim lessons together on Saturdays!  I loved doing these with Nathan-now it's Silas' turn!

As soon as we got to the pool he started yelling "wa-wa".  He was super excited to have a turn in the water after watching Nathan the last few weeks! 

Ready for the pool! Nathan is doing another round of swim lessons at the same time as Silas and I. (Note: You really love your kids when you allow yourself to be photographed in your swim suit.  Try not be to blinded by my white legs!) 

Almost ready!

This was pretty much Silas the entire time.  Loves. To. Splash.

Practicing kicking

Blowing Bubbles for Silas meant drinking all the pool water

More Splashing!

Mommy was blowing bubbles.  Silas was smiling for the camera. 

He didn't mind being on his back at all! He would lay back, close his eyes, and smile!

Waving to Daddy!

Jumping in! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Swim Lessons 2016

We enrolled Nathan in swim lessons at the YMCA around the corner from our new house in Long Beach.  This is the first year he has been a willing participant from the very first day! He is still terrified of the teacher "letting go" but is getting more confident with every lesson. 

Nathan's teacher is the only teacher who wears a black rash guard in the water.  For the first week of lessons he referred to her as the "black teacher" LOL

Practicing using his arms and kicking

Little Brother was not excited to be stuck on the other side of the gate!

Nathan referred to this little boy as his "swimming buddy".  They were too cute together! 

When will it be my turn?!

Getting the "magic marshmallow" strapped on

This floatation device allows the kids to float but also helps them practice using their arms and legs.  Nathan was not a fan when the teacher would let go but has gained a lot of confidence since he started!


So I've been a horrible blogger as of late but it's probably because I'm too busy keeping up with this guy to take any pics! A month ago or so this Silas decided he would climb up on the couch by himself! 

Now you will rarely find him sitting as he thinks it's fun to stand.  The words "on your bottom" have risen to the top of my vocabulary!