Monday, November 24, 2014


In a domestic infant adoption Adoptive Families are matched with Birth Families who are seeking to place their baby for adoption.  To help Birth Families in the selection process each Adoptive Family creates a profile that tells about their family.  One of my best friends, Crystal,  helped did all the work with the design and layout for our profile this time around.  We love how it turned out!  These pictures will be made into a book and given to our Adoption Consultant.  Our Adoption Consultant will then send out copies of our book to different agencies all over the country for perspective Birth Families to look at.  We are waiting on one last document to come in and then will be sending our last packet of paperwork to our consultant and then can be considered an official waiting family!  Eek!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christmas Traditions

This is the first year we had Nathan help decorate the Christmas Tree.  
So much fun!

The tree is ready to be decorated!

The ornaments are laid out!

Nathan carefully selected the ornaments he wanted to put on the tree.  

Giving Daddy pointers about where to put each ornament. 

Loved all the pictures of him looking up at the tree!  One day he might not have to look up! 

Had to put this pic in black and white--love it!

Nathan discovered we had ornaments for the dogs so he wanted to take a picture with Moose since he was about to hang his ornament.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Meaningful Christmas

I am so excited to implement "A Meaningful Christmas" by Carrie Rogers & Brittney Poe in my home this year!  A Meaningful Christmas is a 24 day Family Devotional that you complete during the Advent Season.  I got a group of 24 women together and each one of us made 24 ornaments to go along with the daily devotions.  Tonight we got together and exchanged our ornaments!  So much fun!  

Everyone was so creative with their ornaments!

Day 1 
Alpha & Omega
By Kelly

Day 2
The Trinity 
By Angela

Day 3
By Pauline

Day 4
By Jenny

Day 5
By Linda

Day 6
By Janelle

Day 7
By Amy

Day 8
Mary is Chosen
By Jeran

Day 9
Trusting God
By Leslie

Day 10
By Rachelle

Day 11
Having a Good Attitude
By Michelle T.

Day 12
No Room in the Inn
By Michelle B.

Day 13
Born in a Manger
By Frances

Day 14
The Shepherds were Afraid
By Nena

Day 15
Go and Tell
By Heather

Day 16
By Martha

Day 17
The Greatest Gift
By Terri

Day 18
The Word
By Sarah

Day 19
The Good Shepherd
By Toni

Day 20
The Vine
By Lisa

Day 21
The Light of the World
By Monique

Day 22
The Bread of Life
By Shawna

Day 23
The Way, The Truth, The Life
By Me!

Day 24
The Lamb of God 
By Kim

We couldn't have a get together without yummy food!

There was TONS!

Fellowship & Food!

All the Ornaments laid out and ready for our exchange!

The Assembly Line

Exchanging Ornaments

Each person collected their ornaments in a box with a green lid.  5 boxes ready to go!

I plan on wrapping each ornament and then opening one each day as we read the devotional together as a family.  We will then display each ornament on a special tree in our home.

If your or someone you know would like to get a group together and participate in "A Meaningful Christmas" make sure to like their Facebook page or e-mail: