Monday, November 30, 2015

42 Weeks

Silas was quite intrigued by the Dean's Beagles, Fitzy & Donut

He's still learning to be gentle

He loved pushing this basket around

Matching camouflage for our picture with Santa!

Silas is obsessed with these door stoppers and has quickly figured out how to get the rubber tops off which then go directly in his mouth!

We celebrated this little turkey's 1st Thanksgiving at my Aunt & Uncle's house in Arizona!

This is the only picture I got before he had a diaper blowout!

Checking out Aunt Beth's sippy cup

Smiley Boy!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Tree Decorating 2015

Every year I try to buy an ornament for the boys so they'll have ornaments for their own tree one day.  This year I found an "S" for Silas and an "N" for Nathan. 

Silas liked his so much he decided to eat it. 

Nathan with his "N"

Silas' 1st Christmas ornament!

Hanging the ornaments on the tree

A Chargers ornament for Daddy

Pondering where to put each ornament. 

Measuring his hand print from a previous year's handmade ornament 

Matching Jammies in front of the tree!

Something was far more interesting than Mommy's camera...

Nathan's 1st Movie!

We took Nathan to his very first movie in the theatre this past week!

He's loved the Charlie Brown Holiday Specials so we decided to see Peanuts!

Tickets in hand!

Look at the cutie in the next seat!

Mom I want the whole bag of popcorn!  Not some poured out in a tray!

That's better!  (Good thing we poured some of it out first--this kid finished off that bag!)

Ivy & Nathan

This year we spent the week of Thanksgiving in Arizona.  We stayed with my best friend (& hopefully Nathan's future mother in law!) Crystal and her family!

Nathan & Ivy at the park in her neighborhood

Conquering the rock wall!

Trying out the monkey bars!

Watch me Mom!

Silas' 1st slide!

Big Brother did a pretty good job holding onto him

Driving Ivy's Cars

Getting some help from Dad

Ivy and Nathan took turns pumping gas for each other

Love these 2!

Ivy found this tissue paper and declared it to be wallpaper!

They used drumsticks to apply it to the walls!

Love their imagination!

Monday, November 23, 2015

41 Weeks

He was intrigued by the hole in the middle of this toy

Gobble Gobble!

Mommy and her littlest boy!