Thursday, December 26, 2013


Nathan LOVES trains!  (This may or may not be due to his Grandpa's influence!)

Grandma is showing him how the train works that goes around the Christmas Tree.

Playing with his new train lego set:

Checking out his new V-Tech Train Set from Aunt Ashley:

Is it possible to have too many train toys?  (Not pictured are his new fisher price zoo train and train table! Ha!)
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My mom bought Nathan and Ben TOMS for Christmas.

Love them!

When Nathan opened them he exclaimed: "Like Daddy!"

Love these 2!
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Christmas Presents 2013

Nathan had quite the pile of presents this year!  Can we say spoiled?!


Nathan got several lego sets this year.  He LOVES them! 

He only liked these clothes because there was a train on them!

More Legos.  It was a challenge getting him to stay focused on opening all his gifts--he wanted to stop and play with each one and have us open it!

New Books!

A V-Tech Train Set!

And the Big Gift:  A train table!

Taking it all in:

Setting up all the pieces it came with:

Grandpa helped set up the train tracks.

Nathan will have plenty of toys to play with in the coming months!
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Christmas Stocking 2013

We ate breakfast and then opened our stockings at the table. 


New Toothbrushes!

Markers & Cars

A new book!

This firetruck was from Grandma George.  We had him open it with his stocking so he'd have something to play with while we finished getting ready.
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Christmas Town

We headed to "Christmas Town" at the Kern County Museum for some Holiday Fun.  Here's Nathan sitting in Santa's Sleigh.

There was a worker sitting close by to monitor kids climbing in and out of the sleigh.  He had a red sweatshirt on and looked nothing like Santa.  However as we left the sleigh Nathan called out "Bye-Bye Santa".  Hilarious!

On the Hay Ride going through the tunnel of lights.

Checking out Baby Jesus.

Nathan pointed to each person in the Nativity naming their role.  So sweet!
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Friday, December 20, 2013

Monkey Business

Nathan has had his monkey since he was born.  2 sweet ladies from our church in Chandler bought it for Nathan when we first brought him home.  When they found out how much he liked his monkey they even sent us another one once we moved to Bakersfield!  Lately Nathan's monkeys have been having lots of fun:

Nathan figured out how the velcro works on the monkey's hands so he can carry it on his arm.

"Monkey Hoop" (The monkey can play basketball!)

"Monkey Kiss"

"Monkey Hug" 
Nathan often has us hug and kiss his monkeys as well!

"Monkey Horsie"

"Monkey Sit"

"Monkey Truck"

Nathan's monkey even helped us clean up the legos before bedtime!

Thank you Doris & Cathy!  Nathan LOVES his monkeys!
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