Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Birth Announcement

I am so excited about Silas' birth announcement!  My talented Best Friend Crystal designed them for us and I LOVE how how they turned out!  

Monday, March 30, 2015

7 Weeks

Local Cutie!

It still amazes me how big Nathan is compared to Silas!  

Love these 2 Guys!  (There's really 3 guys in the pic if you count the legs in the pic!)

His Cheeks are getting chubbier!

Silas is loving Grandma's play mat!

Rockin' Grandma's pink tub!  Real Men take baths in Pink tubs!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Going Home Outfit

We bought this outfit for Silas once we were matched with his Birth Mom and we had decided on his name.  When you enter into a match in the adoption process a lot of things are up in the air.  Silas' Birth mom could have changed her mind once he was born if she wanted to.  Although our hearts would have been broken, you have to really think about the decision she made.  Everyday Mothers give birth and take their babies home.  This is normal.  This is expected.  In adoption, the unexpected happens.  Mothers decide (for a lot of different reasons) that they aren't able to take care of the child they have given birth to.  Because they love this child they choose to place it in someone else's arms.  We are forever grateful to Silas' Birth Mom for the unexpected gift she gave us.  And we happen to think he's pretty cute too!

Silas didn't end up wearing this outfit home with us because he didn't fit in it--oops!  Too bad it's long sleeved!  This may be the only time he wears it. Oh well!  With how cute he looks in it, I'd say it was money well spent!

Easter Egg Decorating 2015

We started a new tradition this year and decorated Easter Eggs!

Adding the vinegar to each cup.

Watching each cup change color.

We decided we needed to wear our Bunny Ears since we were decorating Easter Eggs! Yes my son does not have pants on.  He finally decided that maybe potty training might be worth a shot.  It's been a week and he wears underwear all day long except for naps and bed time.  He's doing pretty good but still has accidents.  We still aren't sure he quite gets it but we are rolling with it for now.

I love Pinterest!  Using a whisk to dye Eggs is GENIUS!

Baby Brother even helped!  Well if you count sleeping in Mommy's Baby K'Tan.  

Being Silly

Rinsing out the cups.  This guy wanted to do it all!

Yo Mom. What's up?!

Adding the finishing touches with stickers.

Weird Smile captured by the camera.  This guy does not hold still for long!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hoppy Easter

You've gotta love Pinterest.  So many cute things and ideas to torture try with your kids!

This was our second try at this.  After we got everything set up the first time I couldn't take any pics because my camera battery was dead!

That's what I think of this photo shoot Mom!

Get me out of this thing!

Hoppy Easter!

Monday, March 23, 2015


Nathan loves his legos!

I love watching his creativity come to life!  He has quite the imagination!

Nathan's Lego Airplane he built by himself

6 Weeks

Although the amount of laundry has significantly increased since we have brought Silas home I still like dressing him in different clothes each day hour!  

Mommy's Little Man

Built Tough Just Like Daddy

My boys!  Totally unplanned but I love that their outfits are color coordinated! 


Captain Cutie Reporting for Duty

Raise your hand if you're handsome!

Mom, this alligator can still see me even though I'm wearing camouflage!

My middle name is Handsome!

Cool (And Tough!) like Daddy!

Relaxing with Grandma