Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt 2016

Our oldest wants everyone to know that "No Bunny Loves you Like Jesus!"

Pre-Hunt Festivities included playing with hula hoops

and chasing after basketballs

and coloring

Silas got right into the hunt!

Clapping for himself since he found an egg!

Do my eggs go in here?

Is this a hard-boiled egg Mom?

Truth be told he was more interested in the woodchips than the eggs!

The hunt is over and I'm outta here!

Nathan lining up for his egg hunt.

He wasn't sure he wanted to participate at first. 

Having Grandma and Grandpa here helped get him going. 

Having a tall Grandpa has it's advantages!

Checking out the candy in his eggs

Our church had egg hunts every 15 minutes so Nathan went a couple more rounds!

He wasn't shy this time around!  Look at that basket full of eggs!

Picture Taking

Silas is on the move and it takes effort, planning and pure luck to get a photo of him with Nathan.  Nathan usually has to pin him down while I rapid fire shoot with my camera! If I do manage to get a picture of them it looks like this: 

But the rest of the pics look like this:

or this: 

Nathan wonders why I even try! Ha!


We tried out a fork the other day.  Silas would take the fork loaded with food and then use his hands to put the food from the fork into his mouth! Ha! 

Our Littlest Reader

Bath Time

Sunday, March 6, 2016

A New Job & A New Role

If you follow myself or my husband on social media you probably have heard the news about our upcoming move to Long Beach.  Ben has accepted a position at Long Beach First Church of the Nazarene as Pastor of Intergenerational Connections.  Our last Sunday at our current church, Bakersfield First Church of the Nazarene, is set for April 3rd.

With this move also comes a new role for me.  I will be leaving my job as a teacher and will be staying home with our kids.  I have longed to do this since we first brought Nathan home but it wasn't possible until now.  I am excited about what this means for my family. I'm also nervous.  And if I admit it, scared.

When we moved to Bakersfield I wasn't sure if I would be able to even find a job and was surprised and blessed by the job offered to me working in the Norris School District.  Because we were used to living on a tight budget and because I got a significant raise by working in California we were able to pay off all of our remaining student loan debt in the first year we lived here.  Being debt free has allowed us to lead a very comfortable lifestyle.  With me now staying at home that will change, but we've done it before and I have confidence we can do it again.  Even if it still freaks me out a little!

I think I'm more nervous in some ways because of the fact I'll be at home full-time with my kids. This is what I've always wanted and what if I'm not good at it?  I manage to reach deep inside myself to find patience when working with other people's children all day, (believe me-patience does not come to me easily!) what if I can't do that with my own kids?! What if my kids hate it?  What if I hate it? (For the record I really don't think I'll hate it but insecurity has a way of making you ask yourself these questions.)

I'm excited about the things I'll get to do with my kids. Trips to the park.  The beach.  Local Museums.  The Library. Bible Study! (Sadly there is no BSF in Long Beach! I think I'm still in mourning over this fact.) I'm excited to cook again.  It's hard coming home from school and gathering enough energy to make a hot meal for my family. And because we can, we have ended up eating out a lot more.  Although I know I'm going to be tired in a whole new way I'll also be home more to plan out meals and prep things ahead of time! (This is actually my favorite part of cooking-the prep-ha!)

I've spent the last eleven years in the classroom.  Peeing on a set schedule.  Eating lunch at 11 (or earlier!) Being called teacher, Mrs. George and even Mom (every kid does it at least once).  Dreaming about children that are not my own. I'm very used to a teacher's way of life.  It's going to feel weird.  I don't foresee myself walking away from the classroom permanently.  I'm passionate about what I do and am confident I will return one day.  But for now and for a season Mommy will the only name I answer too.  No more Mrs. George. (Well at least every day-I do plan on subbing once a week!)

I know that God has lead us to this decision.  And where He leads He will be faithful and provide for our needs.  It is only by His grace that I will be able to be able to carry out this new role successfully. And I have a feeling I'm going to need a whole lot of His grace!

Thanks for listening friends.  We covet your prayers as we start this new journey.