Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dear Birthmom,

We celebrated Nathan's birthday today. As I was putting him to bed I found my thoughts drifting to you. I am sure this is a day you can't forget. And I know that when you remember this day it may bring you pain. But I also hope this day brings you joy. Because of your sacrifice my husband and I were able to become Mommy and Daddy to a little boy who has completely captured our hearts. Thank you for giving Nathan the gift of life. Thank you for putting your baby's needs before your own. We pray for you often and hope that when you reflect back on the decision you made to place Nathan for adoption that God fills your heart with peace. 

With Grateful Hearts,

Alisha and Ben

Halloween 2013

Nathan was a dinosaur this year!  We had several practice sessions in order to get him comfortable with his costume.  On Halloween night I was still worried he would refuse to wear it but he did great!


Me and my little dinosaur!  I wore my costume from school (Thing 1 from Room 1).
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Happy Birthday Nathan!

Two years ago today we got the call that we had been waiting for: we were going to be parents!  I still get choked up when I think about how God orchestrated Nathan's arrival into our lives.  I can hardly believe it has been two years already!  We love this little boy more and more each day!  

Holding our little boy for the first time!

Our first family photo!

Our Little Pumpkin then...

and now!

Happy 2nd Birthday Nathan!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nathan's 2nd Birthday!

We've been celebrating Nathan's birthday all weekend long with all of the grandparents in town.

Opening his present from Grandma George: Legos!

He was so excited to play with them and build things!

Checking out the directions.

Trying out his balance bike from Grandma and Grandpa.  It took quite the coaxing on our part to get him to even put the helmet on, let alone get on the bike.  We will keep trying!

He decided the helmet was okay but he would stick to his 4 wheel bike for now.

Daddy tried to get him to trade but he wasn't interested.  (We had Ben put on his bike helmet to entice Nathan to put his on--it worked!)

Ending a fun day at Tutti Frutti!  

We love frozen yogurt!

Murray Farms 2013

We spent the morning at Murray Farms for Nathan's 2nd Birthday!  What a fun day it was!

Posing outside the farm with the pumpkins.

Is our family cute or what?

Playing in the corn kernels. 

Nathan's version of playing in the corn was limited to throwing the corn at everyone else. 

Checking out the goats and sheep.

Saying Hi to the chickens.

Checking out how the duck races worked.

Daddy showing Nathan how to pump the water to make the ducks go

Pump that water!

Nathan getting his face painted with a spider.

Decorating a pumpkin with stickers.

He kept calling the pumpkin an apple at first.

Aunt Ashley and Nathan pulling the wagon.

Riding on Aunt Ashley's shoulders through the corn maze.

Aunt Ashley is almost as tall as Grandpa so Nathan had quite the view!

Taking a hay ride to the pumpkin patch

Nathan found the perfect pumpkin!

Or maybe this one is it...

Or this one...

Nathan with all his grandparents!  

3 Generations:  Great Grandma, Grandma, & Grandson!

One of the butterflies we saw in the butterfly house

Riding the cow train!

Riding in the wagon back to the car.  This kiddo was P-O-O-P-E-D and took a three hour nap when we got home!  

Friday, October 11, 2013


My Mom brought this "car" for Nathan to play in this weekend.  However he is not satisfied just sitting in it.  He wants it to drive like a real car!

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Nathan is one blessed boy and is enjoying his time with all his Grandma's and Grandpa's this weekend!



Grandma George

When the weekend is over I have a feeling we are going to be hearing the words "Grandma" and "Grandpa" a lot.  When grandparents are around, Mom and Dad are chop liver!
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