Thursday, May 31, 2012


He may not be crawling yet but Nathan is figuring out that he can roll to reach just about anything!


Who needs toys when you have an old gift bag?!
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Motivation to Crawl

When Nathan was learning to roll over the thing that motivated him most was the dog toys...well it's working again as he's learning to crawl!

Moose's eyes say it all--his toys no longer belong to just him and Otto!

Who will get to it first?

Nathan won--with a little help from Daddy!

For the record I will not be allowing Nate to share toys with our dogs!  As soon as he reached it and was able to grab it I swiftly took it away!
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33 Weeks

Toys require much concentration!

Nathan loves his Daddy!

Look at me Mom, I can roll EVERYWHERE!

Nathan has been teething this week like crazy--but still no new teeth to show for it!  His drumstick proved to be an excellent teething toy until he started gagging on it!

What Now Mom?

Playing in a new toy at the neighbors!
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Almost a Crawler!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Little Monkey

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32 Weeks

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We tried giving Nathan puffs this week.  He wasn't sure what to do with them!

This is the face he made when I put one in his mouth!

Trying to decide what to do with it now that it's in his mouth...

Spitting it out...

And finally watching it stick to his hands!
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dear Nathan,

I have a feeling you won't be contained to one spot much longer.  You are loving time on your tummy and are anxious to get moving!  So far all you've accomplished is scooting backwards a little--but you are close!  You've also decided you don't like it when Daddy or I leave the room.  You make your objection known rather quickly!  We are glad you like us so much but want you to know we will always return to get you.  You are liking most of the food you've tried except for peas--you make gagging sounds when we try to give them to you!  You aren't too interested in bananas either but you love broccoli, squash, carrots, avocado and pears!  You have been going to Kids Club at the gym on a more regular basis and seem to like it as long as the same caregiver is with you the whole time.  You are not a fan of being handed person to person that's for sure.  You are growing up way too fast so I'm trying not to blink as much!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Adoption Party Weekend!

We had a ton of fun celebrating Nathan's Adoption Day with family and friends!

Uncle Nick bought Nathan his first Chargers hat!

Hanging out with cousins, Miguel and Jacob, for the first time!

Nathan got some new toys and the boys made sure to show him how to use them!

Figuring it out...

These boys wore our little guy out! 

This is what Grandpa thought of the party...

Another new toy!

So many new family members to meet!

With Grandma!

Ivy & Nathan and their Mommas!

Nathan was trying to get the bouncer seat to work for Ivy

Ivy was content just hanging out!

He couldn't stop staring at beautiful Ivy!

We had hamburgers at our party--the real kind (Ben's favorite) and the cupcake kind (Alisha's favorite!)


I guess our party wore people out...

Aren't these cupcakes the cutest?!
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