Sunday, April 30, 2017

Toddler Bed

Well it's official.  I don't have a baby anymore. We converted Silas' crib into a toddler bed tonight.  My original plan was to leave him in a crib until he crawled out like his big brother (which ironically happened right around the age Silas is now).  But we decided to switch him out early since we will be going on vacation this summer and didn't want to lug around a pack 'n play-which he actually has crawled out of before anyways!  Here's the big boy in his big boy bed:

He has several stuffed animals he sleeps with but we had him choose just one for tonight.  

I love that he chose the bear his Tummy Mommy gave him! 

As I said "Good Night" he replied with with "Sleep Tight".  Love this little man so much! 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Egg Decorating 2017

Easter Egg Hunt 2017

Our church hosted an Easter Egg Hunt at a local park with 20,000 eggs!  Lots of people came and there were still eggs leftover! Crazy!

This kid put on his bunny ears and was ready to head to the park! He pretty much kept his ears on the entire time!


The Easter Bunny made an appearance too! 

Silas' age group got to go first.

Elena and Silas are ready to hunt some eggs!

Silas' easter basket also functioned as a helmet

There's candy in here Mom!

I'm done!

Nathan is quite the serious egg hunter.  Truth be told he did NOT want me to take his picture. 

On the hunt for a golden egg that would allow him to get an extra big prize!

He never found one but later someone else found two and gave Nathan one.