Sunday, September 25, 2011

Paper Pregnant

When we finally decided to pursue adoption I was so excited to be moving forward--finally a step in the direction of parenthood!  For me it literally felt like I was pregnant.  Although we didn't have a due date, we were finally working towards becoming parents.  (Instead of waiting each month, only to be let down again and again).   

During my "pregnancy" I have done what I hope would be classified as normal:  I've painted and decorated the baby's room.  I've read parenting books (Babywise, The Happiest Baby on the Block, Baby Whisperer, and Parenting with Love and Logic to name a few).  A dear and close friend even threw me a baby shower!  I've washed and sanitized all the bottles, pacifiers and blankets and I've put batteries in all the gadgets our baby needs (we will actually use these things, right?!) 

Now we wait.  For some people in our place this may be the hardest part, but so far it hasn't been.  And so far we really haven't been waiting that long.  We started the adoption process in February so technically if we were having our own biological child I would only be 7 months pregnant at this point!  Although our baby may arrive later than 2 months from now, I'm okay with that.  (According to one of the books I've read there's a missing 4th trimester anyways! Ha!) 

During this time God is preparing my heart and mind for everything yet to come.  I live day to day at peace at where we are at this point in our journey.  I know that peace can only come from our Heavenly Father.  I am so thankful that it is Him who authors the plan for my life, and not me!  (Although I do occasionally like to give him directions in case He may be lost!)