Friday, August 31, 2012

What defines a Mother?

Giving Birth?
I used to think that's what defined a Mother. 

But now I call myself a Mother yet I didn't give birth, nor did I breastfeed.  A close friend and I were talking this morning about how although we both are Moms (by way of adoption) we still feel left out of the Mom loop at times.  When Moms sit around and talk about how long they were in labor or how long they chose to breastfed their child I cannot chime in.  However, when we first brought Nathan home I remember being grateful that I didn't have a labor and delivery to recover from--taking care of him around the clock was tiring enough!

I guess what this all narrows down to is that although I am a Mom I am still infertile.  And infertility hurts.  I used to think that once I finally held a baby in my arms (that belonged to me and no one else!) that all the pain would go away.  But it has a way of sneaking up on me--literally out of the blue at times.  There was a time in my life that I cried at every pregnancy announcement and had trouble attending baby showers.  I am now able to handle these situations much better but I do find myself a little taken back when friends and family announce they are pregnant with their second child or bring their second child home.  Will I ever be a Mother to two kids?  Will I ever be a family of 4 (or more for that matter?!)

This post takes me back to a story we heard in our adoption certification classes.  You can read the original post here.  The reality of it is, the pain of infertility never really goes away.  I am in no way walking around in a  state of depression--but some days are just harder than others.  However I am not without hope!  I serve a God and Savior who loves me and has given me amazing friends and family to help me through this journey called life!  Amen?!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

46 Weeks

Daddy time!

Ben says one of the only things that is currently keeping Nathan occupied (and not on the go) is opening and closing the dog crates.  Maybe we should put him inside one and see what happens...ha ha!

We spent an afternoon outside--Nathan loved being on the grass!

Love this face!

Will he be a grass picker or a soccer player?  Hard to tell at this point...

Handsome Man!


When I grow up I want to have muscles like Daddy!

Nathan's Cupboard

I remember my friend Stacey telling me that she always let her kids have one cupboard in the kitchen that they were allowed to get into.  I'm so glad I remembered to do this for Nate!  It kept him entertained for hours...okay minutes.  But I think he enjoyed it! 

Puppy Love

Nathan loves our dogs!  I'm pretty sure he even says his own version "dog" too!  Poor Moose puts up with a lot...

Come on Moose!  Wake up and lick me!

Do it again--pretty please!

Moose is so patient with Nate!

And yes, Nathan is opening his mouth in hopes that Moose will lick him!

Monday, August 27, 2012

My Gym!

We decided to take Nathan to a free' class at "My Gym".  What a fun place!  We will be definitely be back!

Checking everything (and everyone!) out and taking it all in...

The calm before the storm--I don't think he sat still the entire class!

This was by far Nathan's favorite toy.  He loved climbing through and playing peek-a-boo!


Watch out, here I come!

Look Mom--I can get out by myself!

He slid down the slide with my help--but it was tricky since he kept on stopping himself with his feet!

Breaking the rules already--my fellow Kinder Teachers would not be happy I let him do this! Ha!

Trying out the trampoline!

He was actually able to pull himself up on this--something we've been working on with him at home!  And the best part--it kept him contained.  Maybe we need to buy one for home...haha!

He wasn't too sure about the ball pit since he couldn't figure out how to move around once inside it.

Trying out a ball

Hanging hoops!

Trying out the swing!

I guess this one wasn't as fun--or maybe he was getting tired!  The class was an hour long and he crashed while drinking his bedtime bottle--not a normal occurrence!

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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Well, it's official!  Nathan can crawl!  He doesn't move very far before rolling or sitting up, but he is definitely on the go!


His favorite thing to do is to move forward a little bit and then back up into a sitting position.

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