Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Our little Shark!

Ready to Trunk or Treat at Church!

Getting his bag filled...

Not so sure...

Is talking to her worth the candy??

Daddy the Surfer and Nathan the Shark!

Watch out!  This Shark Bites!

And Kisses! 

The Whole Family!  Don't mind Nathan's thumbs up blocking his face!

Nathan and his Best Bud Popeye aka Callen

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Just like Grandpa

Whatcha doing Nathan?  Oh just reading the Sunday morning paper with Grandpa...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tool Bench

Grandpa & Grandma surprised Nathan with his very own tool bench the morning of his birthday party!

Nathan's 3rd Birthday, Part 2

Once our guests arrived the fun could begin!

The Birthday Boy is ready!

Olivia, Nathan & Callen: Decked out and ready to go!

Digging in the sensory bins

The water gems were a favorite!

One of our youngest guests: Ellie!

Hammering Away!

Tossing (Placing?!) Rings around Construction Cones

Look who found a mustache!

The kids parents all got to build Build & Grow Disney Planes from Lowe's!

Grandpa helped Nathan build his plane.

Love these little hands!

Love this messy face!

Dane hard at work!

Maizy wants to hammer too

I was amazed Nathan wore his mustache as long as he did!

Maizy Jean!

3 of the 4 Verhoevens!



We had dirt cups for dessert and lit a candle in one for Nathan.  Nathan refused to even look at it!  Good thing his friend Callen was there to blow the candle out!  

Opening presents!  When I asked Nathan what his favorite part of the party was he said presents.  His face in this pic is priceless!

Thanks to everyone who came and made Nathan's 3rd Birthday so much fun!