Thursday, June 28, 2012

37 Weeks

Bath time like a big boy!

Cooling off in the jumperoo

Nathan's new buddy Ashton who's exactly one month OLDER than him (but not necessarily bigger-ha!)
Do you notice what Nathan has in his mouth?  Yes that's right--he stole Ashton's pacifier.  (Just like he stole Callen's!)

Smiley Boy!

Yes I know--this is not a picture of Nathan.  It's a picture of my super hot husband.  I mean really, isn't he a stud?!  Love you honey!  (I wonder how long it will take him to actually read our blog and figure out I put this pic of him on here-ha!)

Puppy Love

A friend recommended this teething toy--Nathan loves it!  It's as close to a pacifier as he'll get (well unless that pacifier belongs to someone else!)

Trying watermelon for the first time

Is this edible Mom??
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Monday, June 25, 2012

To Adopt or Not to Adopt

Recently I have met more and more people who have adopted and it’s awesome!  But I’m also learning to remind myself that people adopt for various reasons.  Some feel called to provide a home for a child who otherwise would not have one.  Some feel called to add to their family and choose adoption to do so.  And some, like Ben and I, have been unable to conceive our own biological children and turn to adoption as the only means of starting a family.  Each reason is valid and important, but also very different.

Lately I’ve been struggling with explaining to people why we chose to adopt.  Adoption was not our first choice.  When I dreamed about starting a family adoption was not part of that dream.  I assumed I would have three or four biological children of my own (all born at the perfect time and evenly spaced apart-ha!) and that would be that.  God obviously had a different plan in mind!  Don’t get me wrong—I am in love with our son and am forever grateful that God’s plan was bigger and better than my own, but it was still a different plan than my own original one!  (And if you know me well I’m quite the planner!)

Now that we have Nathan and he’s getting “older” (although he’s ONLY 8 months I’ve been told he looks more like an 18 month old!) I find myself having to answer a new set of questions.  Many people want to know when we will adopt again.  For those outside of adoption, it’s not that simple!  I wish I could snap my fingers and bring another sweet baby boy or girl home but there’s so much more to it than that!  Part of me resents the fact that it’s not easier.  I do not have the liberty of planning when my next child will be born (i.e. in 9 months).  Ben and I have always wanted a big family but now that we’ve been through an adoption we are still deciding whether we could do it all over again.  Thankfully we were able to fundraise the majority of our adoption expenses but to ask our family and friends to support us again, for the exact same reason, seems like too much to ask at this point.

After explaining this I then am often times asked, why don’t you go through the foster care system—it’s FREE! 

Again—is it really all that simple?  I don’t think so.  You still have to become licensed to foster a child in the state you live in.  And foster care has its own set of issues—and after everything we’ve been through infertility wise I’m not sure if I’m ready to open my heart to a child that I may end up letting go of.  That may sound selfish, but it’s how I feel at the moment.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t think foster care is an amazing and important thing—I’m just not sure if it’s the right fit for us.  And I don’t mean forever—I just mean right now!

When we were struggling with infertility I found myself grieving over the fact that I may never have my own biological child.  Now that we’ve adopted and have a child I find myself going through a new kind of grief.  Part of me is grieving over the fact that I may never have the big family I had always dreamed of.  I’m enjoying every moment possible with Nathan—and it’s already going by way too fast!  Will this be the only child I get to watch grow up?  Possibly….and before I can say what our plans are for growing our family I feel like I need to take this time to ponder what I have and what I may never have.

Nathan & Daddy

The other day Ben had Nathan laughing so hard he was near tears!!!


Nathan loves his Daddy!
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Baby Mum Mums

I decided to let Nathan try rice husks, aka "Baby Mum Mum's" this past week.  He's slowly figuring it out...

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We have nicknamed Nathan, "Destructo".   Can you tell why?

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Nathan & Moose

Both of our dogs are pretty patient with Nathan, but I think Moose may even enjoy his interactions with Nate.

I'm not sure if Nathan quite understands what Moose is.  For now he's a toy that licks!

Nathan won't let anything stop him from rolling around--including Moose!

We have to control Moose's licking or Nathan would be given a full bath every day!
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

At Home Haircut

Among my Husband's many talents are cutting hair--who knew?!  He's been cutting his own hair for awhile (I have refused to do it in fear I would mess it up!) and now he's begun styling Nathan's as well.

All ready to get started!

We tried to distract him with a toy-the buzz and vibration of the clippers on his head actually proved to be an even better distraction!

Does Daddy know what he's doing?!

Combing his hair to perfection

All done!
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Dear Nathan,

Wow are you growing fast!  8 months have gone by in a blur!  You are starting to let us know when you don’t like something—usually in a loud voice! Things you don’t like currently include but are not limited to:  when Mommy and Daddy leave the room, when toys are taken away, and when you can’t reach something that you’re not supposed to play with.  You are becoming much more vocal too—your most recent babbling now includes “baba”—so close to “dada”!  You still haven’t mastered the art of crawling yet which is fine by me—it’s nice not to have you going all over the place just yet.  But as soon as you are on your tummy watch out because you are like a little log,  rolling to get to whatever you can find!  You are still taking two naps a day (Yay!) and have become really good at eating puffs with your fingers.   You now are going to the nursery on Sundays at church (you are too squirmy to remain in my arms any longer) and haven’t decided if you like it or not since Mommy isn’t there and it’s during your morning nap.  I sure do love you Son! 



Supposedly this toy (I have named it, whatchmacallit) is quite a cool thing to give to kids who don't have very many teeth yet.  They can gum the food to death without choking on it.  We tried it with bananas.  Not sure if Nate knew quite what to do with it!

Look Mom, No Hands!  
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Thursday, June 21, 2012


The many faces of Nathan...

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36 Weeks


Hey Mom!

He's trying so hard to crawl!

Sleepy boy! 

Flexing his muscles!

Playing with the dogs.  Otto really only tolerates Nathan at this point.  

He tries to always position himself between us and Nathan--he's just a little jealous! :)

Talking to his favorite toy

Playing in the kitchen

I wish Nathan's hair would stay curly like this all day, but alas as it dries the curl goes away...
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