Saturday, December 29, 2012


Uncle Kris and Aunt Jenn got Nathan a Little People Airplane.  He loves it!


Daddy is showing Nathan how the airplane makes noises:
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Who needs real presents?!

Playing with the boxes and wrapping paper proved to be just as fun as playing with his new presents:


Reading the instructions to make sure he knows how to work his cousins' toys.
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Presents with Grandma George

Grandma George bought Nathan his very own rocking horse!

He wasn't sure what to think at first...

The real horse noises it made were a little scary...

But he loved the cowboy hat she got to go with it!

Look at me!

Opening more presents from Grandma George:

I guess clothes aren't as exciting as a horse or hat

I think he's done with presents for awhile:

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Fork & Spoon

We tried a spoon...why not a fork? 
(And just for the record, no the addition of silverware is not motivating Nathan to eat more solid food!)

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Nathan's new toy is keeping him entertained!

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Puppy Love

Nathan has figured out that the dogs are fun to love on.  Otto has been his latest victim friend!


There are no words:

It isn't as bad as it looks but it sure made us laugh!

Love this face!
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It was so much fun to watch Nathan open his presents this year!  He actually ripped some of the paper and opened them himself.  So much fun!


A book from Great Grandpa and Great Grandma--with their voices reading the book!!!

Nathan's very own name puzzle.  His favorite letter is the "T".

And who knew that Nathan's favorite present would be silverware!  Maybe this will inspire him to actually eat real food!

More stacking cups!
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This little boy loves his cars! 
He now is making car noises when he drives them around the house!

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