Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

When we were in the midst of battling infertility I longed for the day when we would have a child of our own to celebrate Christmas with.  There is just something magical about watching Christmas through the eyes of a child.  Each Christmas with Nathan keeps getting better and better and this year did not disappoint!

Nathan was super excited to open his stocking from Santa first thing in the morning.

I loved his expression as he pulled out each item.  

It didn't matter if it was socks, underwear, candy or toys he was over the moon!

Ready to open his presents!

Super excited about his new scooter from Grandma George!

"This present is as big as me!"

His very own Santa Fe Train from Grandpa George!  (Yes, he knows trains by their names!)

Trying out his new scooter outside.

He was so proud of himself when he figured it out!

Grandma George made sure to get all the necessary safety gear to go with his scooter!  He insists on wearing all of it to ride!

Building with Lincoln Logs with Grandpa

Big hands and Little Hands

I love the way Nathan looks at my Dad!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cookies for Santa

So I must say that we don't talk up Santa a whole lot in our home.  But from the little we do talk about him (and from what Nathan hears at daycare) this guy is IN LOVE with the Big Guy in Red.  Nathan told me that we needed to make cookies for Santa and so we did!

Nathan is quite the serious baker!

Grandma & Nathan make a good team!

Don't forget the chocolate chips!  Nathan did not want to pour the whole bag in because then there wouldn't be any left for him to eat-ha!

So excited about the Santa cookie plate we ordered!

Nathan insisted that Santa needed 5 cookies because he would be sharing them with his reindeer!

Trying to get this kid to pose and this is the face he makes! Priceless!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I have LOVED doing the devotions from "A Meaningful Christmas" this Advent Season with Nathan.  Today we did our last devotion and hung our "Lamb of God" ornament on the tree.  Then we got to work making a Birthday Cake for Jesus!

 Taste-Testing is Nathan's favorite part! 

Adding the sprinkles to the frosted cake.

It may not be the prettiest cake ever made for Jesus but it was made with a whole lot of love! 

(Yes the cake is in pieces.  Don't ask!)

I told Nathan to wait to blow out the candles for Jesus until after we finished singing.  He covered his mouth so he wouldn't blow them out by accident.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

This sugar addict had no problem putting away this piece of cake!

The Polar Express

We have anxiously been waiting to go on the Polar Express Train since we booked the trip last January!  

Walking to the Train Depot

Getting ready to board

Excited to be be on the warm train!

Enjoying our chocolate chip cookies!

Don't forget the Hot Cocoa!

We listened to the story as we traveled to the North Pole

Looking for the Northern Lights

Santa was waiting for us when we arrived at the North Pole!

Anxiously waiting for Santa to come into our train car

He's here!

Santa gave each child a bell from his sleigh!

Ringing their bells!

This is such a fun trip to do with little ones.  I think we may try it again one day after we have a new little one to love...